The Welshie – Tedo

The inspiration of my business; Vancouver Dog Runner arose from my dog, Tedo, a skittish, nutty, velcro Welsh Springer Spaniel.

The reason why I decided to start this blog was not because I have met some awesome bloggers, its so that I can keep a published story of my beautiful boy and what we get up to as Vancouver Dog Runner.  We are in this together.  As my Welshie is a hunting dog he requires more exercise than the average dog. They have a great deal of stamina and energy and can work for hours in all kinds of weather and terrain.  So today’s run around Stanley Park with Max and Leo (the Cocker Spaniels) was a doddle for him.  In fact the 10km run he did this afternoon was after his 5km bike ride he had this morning.   Welshie’s can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.  Tedo was a rescue so we have no real true knowledge of his first 14 months.  Just that he was brought to Jersey by a family who had very busy lives.   He must have experienced long periods of being left alone as he nows suffers from separation anxiety.  Since we took on the job of running Vancouver’s Dogs, we have found Tedo’s anxiety levels have dropped.  This truely inspires me to continue till my legs seize to ensure that Tedo lives a well balanced life.



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