Stanley Park Run – last day of September

The boyz (2 cocker spaniels and 1 welsh springer) and I headed out out from Cypress Street (free 2hour parking) across Burrard Bridge. As I was crossing I was trying to decide to either run the Turkey Trot Route ( or whether or not I should run to Second Beach in Stanley Park and back. When we started out it was drizzling and as we made it across Burrard Bridge the heavens opened up and along came that lovely water stuff called rain. As we have to run down the stairs from Burrard Bridge to the beach just under the bridge I decided at that moment that it would be best to run towards Second Beach. Whilst searching for the real name of the beach under the bridge I stumbled across this fantastic web-site  She does the most beautiful off-leash pics.  Still didn’t manage to find the name of the beach as I got side-tracked looking at her beautiful pictures.

Once we reached Second Beach, my legs and the 12 other legs just wanted to keep going.  We followed the seawall to Lionsgate Bridge and once there we just kept going.  As we cruised around the seawall we came across the Ravine Trail which looked pretty awesome and I knew the dogs would just love the smells in the forest.  As Stanley Park is on-leash, we continued on with our journey with the boyz attached to my hands free leashes.  At this stage we had covered a few km’s but the dogs were doing so well. In order for you to cut through Stanley Park the city has a beautiful bridge which allows pedestrians and equestrians to cross over on two separate lanes.  As we crossed over this bridge one almost feels like you want to stop and wave at the traffic.

Once back on the trail we headed back to Second Beach then across the Burrard Bridge again and back down to Cypress Street.  Back home to dry off and have a hot bevvie.  Total km’s we covered that day….15km.


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