Turkey Trot route revisited

Once again Monday rolls around and its raining.  Not too worried as I have great wet weather gear to head out into the rain.  My weather resitant, clever magnet technology jacket designed  by Sugoi.  Plus the dogs don’t really care about going out in cold wet weather.  They still love to run in the rain.  Today I stopped in at the new Bosley’s that opened up in June/July on Marinaside in Yaletown.  Great looking store, plus they have great raincoats for dogs for this Vancouver weather. I will pop in to the store tomorrow again to meet up with the owner and also to purchase one of those great raincoats.  I will post a pic tomorrow of my dog decked out in his new coat.  Today the boyz and I re-visited the Turkey Trot run.  Its one of my favourites at the moment as it’s pretty easy running and a great opportunity to stop in to another great Pet Store, Star Pets owned by Tony.  As we headed back over the bridge we head straight into the vertical rain coming over the Burrard Bridge.  Now I am sitting at my desk typing this up, I peek out the window and not a drop of rain in sight!  Was all good though – so love running in the run.


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