Is that puppy right for your lifestyle?

You may think that, on the inside, one puppy is much like another.  By the time he gets to your home, your puppy will react differently to the world he encounters.  He/She will have a different outlook based on his/her unique genetic make up.  The genetic material that has been handed down to him/her will have a bearing on how his/her character develops.  Inherited predispositions form the raw essence that you will be working with.  It is helpful to know exactly what you are dealing with.  You will then begin to build up a picture of what your puppy has been bred for and what his likely characteristics will be.  Many people choose a dog simply because they like they way it looks rather than considering how it is likely to behave.  This is not the best basis on which to choose a companion that will be living with you and your family for the next 15 years or more.  Try to find other people who have your chosen breed and talk to them about their dog’s characteristics.  I spent a vast amount of my time chatting to Welsh Springer Spaniel owners and I even joined their bi-annual walks to chat to at least 35 owners.  Dog Owners are usually only too pleased to talk about their pet so you should not find this too difficult.  Ask them specifically about the bad point, as well as the good, because many owners and breeders neglect these in their enthusiasm to point out the virtues of the breed.

Whatever breed you choose, your dog’s temperament as an adult will depend not only on his genetic make-up but also on the way he is raised. Although his breeding is important, by far the biggest influence on his character will be environmental, i.e. the way in which you bring him/her up and train him/her.

Regardless of their breeding, all puppies are different.  No two in a litter are the same and puppies with the same ancestry are not identitical.

Some of the following info has been taken from Gwen Bailey’s “The Perfect Puppy”.  I am fortunate enough to have collected many different books from all over world and love reading and sharing with others.


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