Pikku the Australian Cattle Dog

This week I have the great pleasure of having Pikku the Ozzie Cattle Dog hang with me and Tedo.  Pikku is 5 months old and lives with a fantastic family in Port Coquitlam.  This week she is on holiday with us.

The Temperament of the ACD has been listed as Loyal, Courageous and Dilligent.  Always alert, extremely intelligent, watchful, courageous & trustworthy, with an implicit devotion to duty making it an ideal dog. During The 1830s selective breeding was done, with the Blue Merle Collie, Dalmatian, Old English Sheepdog, Australian Kelpie, Smithfield and the native Dingo. Over the years the breed progressed to the Australian Cattle Dog we have today. The results are a rugged powerful working dog, that is ready, willing and able to drive cattle vast distances under harsh, hot, dusty conditions. Both its guarding and herding instincts are very strong and may extend them to people and other pets.

Exercise- these dogs have incredible stamina and enjoy whatever activity you can give them. Without exercise and things to do they become bored and destructive.

Pikku has been exposed to various amounts of other dogs and so far she does not dispaly any strong instinct to herd them.  Yesterday she had a great socialisation walk with Max and Leo (American Cockers Spaniels), affectionately known as “the boyz” in Pacific Spirit Park.  The duration of her walk with us was on leash as she was getting to know me as her pack leader.   Pikku was extremely good with the boyz and just loved being with them.  Upon arrival to her new house for the week, Pikku took off sniffing her way around the place like an agent from CSI scouring the area for any possible perpetrators.  For Pikku’s first evening meal, I took this opportunity to use the concept of classical conditioning introduced to us by the Physiologist Ivan Pavlov.  He researched that on salivation and digestion this lead to him discovering classical conditioning.  It is surprising to learn that Pavlov was not a  Psychologist but a Physiologist.

So I used her kibble to teach her to “paw” my hand and in return she received a reward (her food).  I was delighted with her success when she started giving me her paw before we had even finished her evening meal!  Well done Pikku.  Later in the evening we repeated  classical conditioning  and used treats to get her to sit happily in her open doored crate.  Pikku was also allowed to play with some toys and went between a ball, a squirrel and a pig.  After quite an eventful day for her, she quietly took herself off to bed. 


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