Day 3 with Pikku the Australian Cattle Dog

This breed was born and bred to use its mouth when working, so it is not uncommon for an ACD, especially young pups, to nip or “mouth” alot. Therefore, it is not unusual to see the herding instinct emerge when there is alot of activity, like young children running around in the yard. Today Pikku was allowed to “roam” free with her 25ft leash attached to her. We spent the morning walking around Jericho Beach again. Here is the blossom posing for the camera. What an amazing morning it was on the beach. Water was crystal clear and the air was crisp. Great weather for Tedo to find squirrel’s, after all it is Squirrel month!

Pikku just loves the sea sand under her paws and when she reaches the beach she dives around flicking up the sand here and there. She has ventured into the ocean twice now for a swim. I think the first time by surprise, the second by choice.  This morning she decided to just plod around on the shoreline. Here she is hidden amongst the sand! Question is can you spot her!

Back home for her morning snooze. Her crate is always available to her to snooze in and occasionally she takes her self off to her crate to sleep. Fully loaded and ready to go, we drove over to pick up Max and Leo and headed to Burnaby Lake.
Met up with an old friend of mine from H Street Media. First stop was a dog park at Burnaby Lake which is fully enclosed and properly puppy proofed so all the dogs could run free. Max and Leo of course are obsessed with their ball so I kept that going whilst Pikku and Tedo went hunting! We met a fantastic man doing great work for senior citizens and owns a very sweet 13 year old Schnauzer (mini). The Schnauzer wasn’t too fussed about Pikku who was having a good sniff of him. After a good run around in the park, we popped them back on the leashes and headed towards the lake. Kinda got lost but found ourselves back at Costco! Thankfully as we were pretty starving at this rate. One just have to love Costco hotdogs and whilst I was waiting for Roxanna to buy the hotdogs I was standing outside the entrance a few people couldn’t believe how well behaved the dogs were. All four of them were just sitting waiting patiently. As we had the dogs Roxy and I found a table and chair to sit on and found ourselves chatting to another senior citizen. Very interesting gentleman who had lost his wife 2 years ago. My question to him was how did he cope after the passing of his wife. What do our senior citizens go through when they loose a loved one. He said he found solace in the bottle of whiskey he used to drink every night. It took him a year to realise that he was trying to dull the pain with alcohol and he is now glad to admit he no longer needs to drink.

Dinner has been served and they are now fast asleep at my feet.  What a great day!


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