DogGuides – meeting Ian Ashworth

Saturday : 15th October This was a very special morning for Grete and I, we had the great opportunity to head down to Fido’s casting call out but we were there to meet Ian Ashworth.  Ian was originally trained with the Guide Dogs of England and has been doing his job for a rather long number of years.  And the most amazing part about this was the passion he still had for his job after all these years.  Grete is looking to get herself a Poodle Guide dog from DogGuides who are based in Oakville, Ontario.  She had to give her previous Guide Dog back to BC Guide dogs as she realised how allergic she had become to the Labrador X Retriever she had been living with.  DogGuides not only help with canine vision they also offer other services such as Hearing Ear, Special Skills, Seizure Response and Autism Assistance.    Her application has gone in to DogGuides and once she is selected she will head to Oakville, Ontario for her training.  This is going to be a very exiting time and I am super stoked to be part of watching and learning how these amazing animals can transform our lives.

Should you wish to know more about them please check them out at  These people are doing great things!  They have found their calling in life!


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