Day 5 – Off Leash Pikku

Realising that the weather wasn’t going to be so kind to us today, we decided to head to Brothers Creek on West Vancouver.  However, as we drove closer to Millstream Road it became harder to see for the mist.  Rather spooky but nonetheless quite exciting expecially when you see faces such as these on trees!!!  After 4 days of having Pikku on a long-line I decided it was time for her to go solo on the hike.

Pikku has become accustomed to the pack and sticks really close.  Along the route we came across a dog walker with 10 dogs and Pikku was fantastic with ALL of them.    I did stop to chat to the walker and give Pikku time to socialize.  As I carried up the mountain all I needed to do was to whistle for her and she bounded up after us, leaving the 10 dogs in her dust! On our way down the mountain Pikku was so excited and jumping around that on her decent she accidently landed on Leo who
then ended up face planting into the ground.  Dogs are so resilient that he just picked himself up (iam sure in his head, he dusted himself off) and trotted along as if nothing had happened.  Parts of the forest was thick with fog and
that feeling of the sky falling on your head, however we did come across parts were it was so clear.  It felt like I had put new contact lenses in my eyeballs.

I popped in to meet up with some Saffa Ladies for lunch which was hosted by Mirinda from African Beese Store in North Vancouver.  Guest speaker this month was Kucki Low who went on to become South Africa’s first female Airline Pilot woman South African Pilot: After lunch I headed back over the bridge to Pacific Park on 16th Avenue.  Again Pikku was allowed off-leash the whole time.  It seems her chasing instinct did step up a bit this afternoon, especially after 2 cyclists went past and she went after them!  The next 2 I stopped her and got her to sit next to me while they cycled past.  I think we have a mutual dislike of cyclists in the park cycling at top speed in the dog off leash areas.  Suggested training would be to start off walking Pikku next to a bicycle so she gets used to the bike and then build it up so that she runs next to the bike.  This should condition her to not want to chase bikes.   Her herding instinct also showed up today as she was trying to nip Tedo’s ankles…well he does look a bit like a sheep from behind.

Tomorrow we are off to Squamish for a wee little trip.  We are heading over to to donate some food to their great establishment:

The Canine Valley Re-education and Adventure Centre, CVRAC, is dedicated toproviding activities, equipment and education necessary to balance troubled canines while educating their owners.


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