Fatbird and Peedo

This is dedicated to a very special chocolate Labrador called Zulu.  She so affectionately is known by so many names, Zulu, Zebe and my all time favourite Fatbird.  Tedo too has many names, Frog, Dodo and of course his first nickname Peedo.  Zulu is owned by Elisabeth and they reside in Jersey in the Channel Islands.  I am still convinced to this day that Elisabeth only employed me as a travel agent as I had put that I was a dog trainer on my resume.  However, I so gladly accepted the role, especially knowing that I was going to be working with a rather glamorous Frenchbird and her fantastic furry friend, Fatbird.

One of my fondest memories of Fatbird was one particular day that I took to the cobbled streets of Jersey to let her relieve herself.  She was in the habit of leaving rather large gifts behind and this particular day she had decided to leave one of her very special gifts outside of Accessorize!  Completely mortified at the notion that she had decided to drop off her gift right at the entrance, I was even more horrified that I had forgotten to bring a bag!  Now not to dilly or dally here, I shot off in great gusto to the agency to pick up a bag in order that I might retrieve the gift Zebe had left behind.  As I was dashing back down the cobbled streets, I heard someone calling to me.  “Really could this be someone calling for me!”  Sure enough it was, and I had some lady run up to me, waving a bag in her hand, to advise me that she had just stepped in Zulu’s gift.  Seriously could this really be happening.  As she proceeded to attempt to tell me off, I explained to her that I was shooting off to pick up a bag so that I could clean up the mess.  Unbeknownst to me, this lady had already partially picked up the gift with her CROC’s!  Who wears croc’s to work!  Well she did, and she walked straight into the mess.  Luckily for her and I she was carrying her “real” shoes in a bag, which she so kindly gave to me so that I could go back and clean up the mess.

Tedo got his nickname Peedo from Paul (Elisabeth’s other half)  – poor Teds used to pee himself every single time someone new came up to him.  Thankfully he has gotten over that!

Such great memories living in Jersey and of course having the great opportunity to spend the time that I did with Zulu and EB.  Love you both.


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