Manny the Border Terrier

This ball of fluff came to us at Very Important Pets more than 2 years ago now.  Her owner, Cat decided she needed to put Manny through our Puppy Socialisation and Basic Training program.  When I first met Cat she brought Manny with her to the office to pay her fee to join our class.  When we told her that a vet nurse was going to be part of the training she was so over the moon and told us how much she loved that vet nurse!  Cat and Ric brought Manny to a class prior to her enrolment as they wanted to see what we were all about.  At the end of our training sessions we “pass the puppy” which means each owner gets to handle a different puppy and the puppy gets used to being handled by another human.  We invitied Ric, Cat and Sacha to join us that night and of course little Manny to pass the puppy.  I think they were sold and they were joining our next enrolment!Since completing that course Manny then moved on to joining the doggie day care at Very Important pets and she used to come with us everyday to “school”.  Not everyone gets to work or hang with various different breeds and I was extremely honoured to have spent the time with Manny when I lived in the UK.  Manny has grown up to be a well adjusted, confident, happy-go lucky dog just like her owner!    Love you Cat!

The Border Terrier takes his name from the Border counties of England and Scotland. For Centuries, terriers fitting the description of the Border were in use by shepherds, farmers, and huntsmen who wanted a game terrier with sufficient leg
to follow a horse in the rugged hill country but small enough to be able to go to ground after marauding hill foxes. Courageous enough to kill his quarry in the den or bolt him from his lair, yet able to fit in comfortably at home when
work was done.

Living Environment:The Border Terrier comes with what I like to call “an OFF/ON switch”. They are energetic, vigourous and indefatigable outdoors but yet relaxed, quiet and settled indoors (provided outside exercise is given daily). As such, they will do well in almost any environement where they can get out and run daily. If left unattended outside, a Border will dig so make sure any fenced areas are properly secured.

Behaviour with Children:Good with children.

Behaviour with other pets: Gets along well with other dogs. Interacts well with cats but will chase them if they run. If keeping any kind of rodent in the house (hamster, gerbles, rats or guinea pigs etc) make absolutely sure that their cages are secure and are not accessible by your Border.


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