Supporting Vision Vancouver

I have signed up to help volunteer with Vision Vancouver, working towards Election Day on the 19th November.   Had my orientation on Saturday and had the great pleasure of sitting next to Gregor Robertson’s Aunt and Uncle who are so delightful.   I decided to help out with delivering the signs to people’s homes who have requested them, so in between running dogs, I am zooting around delivering signs.  Today I finished up the Kits area, and then took on the Strathcona area.  It is not often one gets to spend time in the Strathcona area if you don’t live there, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a fantastic area it is.  A large amount of people have their own vegetables growing in their gardens and they make it look so easy.  I have tried to grow herbs in my garden, but I think I have the   black finger.  There is only 25 days left to the election and it has been a great pleasure to serve the Vision Vancouver campaign so far.  Especially meeting Gregor and his wife Amy.  What an amazing woman, she has been cycling around town delivering signs and on our orientation day she made yummy sandwiches and fabulous cookies.  Hmm need to find that recipe.  Plus I found out they are the founders of Happy Planet.  Who could not just love that juice with a name like Happy Planet.

During my travels I came across Woof Dog Shop.  Met the owner Yuki who was warm and welcoming.  They have a small store with loads of lovely goodies to buy for your dog, plus a groomer attached to the back of the store.  Great location, on West 1st Avenue close to the Starbucks on Cornwall Avenue.  Their web-site is .  They offer great dry food like Taste of the Wild and Raw food too, depending on what you have your dog eating.

This is Q, Yuki’s dog that hangs in the shoppe!  Very cute!


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