About Us

Hard to say where this all started.  Could it have been when I was a young child wishing that my parents would buy me a dog.  Was it the days that I used to stand at the end of my road and call my imaginary dog to me or did it start the day I rescued a mix breed from an African guy who was going to drown the pup if he didn’t find  it a home.  Or the day I fostered a labrador mix rotwieller Maddie.  I am still not sure why I have such a passion for dogs.  I know that when I was a little girl in England my father owned a beautiful Labrador x called Cha Cha.  Sadly she did not come with us to Africa when my parents immigrated but I think I must have known then at such a young age that Cha Cha was not coming with us and that it effected me way beyond what I can fathom.

Finally after years of talking about wanting to work with dogs,  my dream was realised when we relocated to Vancouver Island from London, England to commence a 3 month hands on training course.  Since completing the course in 2006, we returned to the UK.  More specifically we moved to Jersey, in the Channel Islands.  Here I volunteered to work with the SPCA of Jersey and where I met Tedo, my Welsh Springer Spaniel.  After island living for 17 months Andrew and I decided to move to New Jersey in the United States for 3 months so that I could complete a Dog Grooming and Shop Management Diploma.  I had seen Cesar Milan cutting the hair out of a dogs eyes and thought, this is something I want to add to my education in the dog world.  I do not practice as a groomer but have the knowledge and the skill to use it should it deem necessary.  My next venture was back in London, England were I started up Puppy Obedience classes through a fantastic company called Very Important Pets.  I ended up managing the office of Very Important Pets and helped set up their Doggie Day Care facility.    We offered services such a cat feeding, dog walking, dog training, puppy obedience classes and alot more.  Finally we settled in Vancouver, Canada and here I started up Vancouver Dog Runner.  And as they say the rest will become history…

I am a Welsh Springer Spaniel and I am 6 years old.  I was originally flown to Jersey in the Channel Islands to be with my first owners who after 14 months decided that I was a handful and gave me up to the Jersey SPCA.  My first week there I was rescued by a lovely lady who took me home for 10 days to be her English Springer Spaniels new friend.  However, after 10 days, I was taken back to the SPCA again as I kept jumping on the English Springer Spaniel, I think its called dominating her but have to be careful with using the “d” word.  So after another week of being in “jail” I was finally adopted out by Melanie my owner.  At first Melanie had a hard time proving to the SPCA that she would be a good fit as she didn’t own a garden at the time.  However, after she told them that she was a qualified dog trainer and that she would do her utmost to look after me, she was then allowed to take me home.  Finally a home I could call my own.  However, since I was adopted we have moved from Jersey to the UK and then I was put on a big areoplane and flown to Canada.  Since being in Canada I have settled so well and love to chase squirrels.


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