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Last day with Pikku

Posted in Pikku and her Vacation on October 24, 2011 by Vancouver Dog Runner

There is something very special about the Australian Cattle Dog and their eyesight.  They seem to have a superior eyesight compared to the dogs I have had the pleasure of working with.  As you can see in this picture it looks like Pikku had to torch lights on her head!

This was our last walk and training session back at Brothers Creek.  We were due to travel to Squamish to hike and meet up with however, we had to reschedule due to the rain and Valley was exceptionally busy.  So instead we popped over to Ambleside beach and meandered around there with a few other dogs that Pikku could socialise with.  As I had planned to hike that day, I was pretty much set to go, and so decided to head back up to Brothers Creek.  This is one of my favourite walks on the North Shore.  It was raining cats and dogs but none of us seemed to mind.  So off we set, up the moutain side in the pouring rain.  It started to get a bit much when we couldn’t cross one of the tracks due to the heavy flowing river.  It was gorgeous to hear and felt I couldn’t go to close in case one of the dogs decided to take a dive in and I hadn’t packed the snorkel and flippers, so we headed back down again.  By the time we almost hit the bottom my head was pounding from the cold and it felt like I had been surfing (like in my good ole days) and it started to feel like an ice-cream headache.  There wasn’t another soul out walking in that foul weather, so I was the only one,  in what could only be described as a “wild” walk.  Back home, I dried the pups down and ensured their bellies were properly dried.  Gave them a quick squirt of doggie cologne so that when they were returned to their owners they didn’t smell like they had just fallen in a pit of….It was Pikku’s last ride with us in the car and she had done exceptionally well all week riding in the car.  Not once did she get sick or feel the need to try to climb through to the front of the car.  She also spent a good amount of time in a small space with 3 other dogs and was not fazed by this at all.  Arriving back at Pikku’s home, I proceeded to explain to her fantastic owners about her week.  Sadly for them they have decided it would be best to find Pikku a good home, where she is the centre of attention to someone who could spend more time exercising her.  Pikku needs a good amount of exercise everyday and requires direction from a firm but fair handler.  Pikku’s owners have gorgeous twins and a Nanny who is very scared of dogs.  We did try to train the Nanny to overcome her fear, however, it isn’t something we can change over night.

Pikku would be a fantastic dog to an owner who would like to get involved in working this breed.  Options, include and are super fun, agility, RAlly O, obedience training and herding and many more.  I loved spending my week with Pikku and will miss her dearly.